June 21, 2011

Father's Day

"Fatherhood isn't for weaklings, but it's not for macho nuts either." -Geoff, age 10, from Fathers Are Like Elephants Because They're the Biggest Ones Around (But They Still Are Pretty Gentle Underneath) by David Heller

What a great Father's Day weekend we had!  Garrett and I spent most of our Saturday in Bismarck while Nathan stayed home to strip paint off the bricks that form our fireplace.  That's right, Nathan spent half of the weekend working, but getting to do so without having to divide his attention was probably his best Father's Day gift.  Just ask him!  My dad lives in Bismarck, so I got to spend some time with him, and Bismarck's community-wide rummage sales were that day.  We came home with a detail sander for Nathan, an outfit, a pair of shoes, and a toy for Garrett, a DVD version of the game, Family Feud, a pretty basket, and a few other things.  A $20 bill goes a long way when you spend ten cents here, seventy-five cents there, etc.!

On Sunday, the three of us met Nathan's parents at Cracker Barrel for a wonderful Father's Day brunch.  Sandy had decided to keep it a secret, so Nathan's dad, Howard, was surprised to see us there.  We had a great time!  The proof is in the pictures.

Nonnie & Garrett on Cracker Barrel's porch

Nathan, Garrett & Papa

Two of my best reasons for living...

Garrett "made" Nathan a gift at Ducky Day Care...
That's a shark made of Garrett's footprint.  Can't you tell?

...and I got him and Garrett new Cardinals hats.

I am so very thankful to have Nathan as my husband and Garrett's daddy.  I am also grateful to our dads, Rick and Howard, for their examples of what great fathers are.

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