August 11, 2014

Small Farms & Local Foods Tour

Earlier this summer, Nathan, Garrett, and I took advantage of an opportunity offered by our local farm bureau to tour three local farms - Twin Silos Farm, Caveny Farm, and Lieb Farms.  I heard about the tour from a fellow mom from The Moms' Group I belong to and was tickled about the opportunity!  (Nathan wasn't nearly as "tickled", but he later admitted that he was glad I signed us up for it.)

Enough people (of all ages) to fill a chartered bus signed up for the tour.  The first stop on our tour was at Twin Silos Farm.  (I must give props to the driver who successfully maneuvered our large bus along the hilly, winding roads to this and the other stops.  There were a couple of women who showed up at the first farm soon after our bus arrived.  They had gotten lost on their way to the departure site but saw a bus that didn't quite fit in along the hilly, winding roads and decided to follow it.)  The owners of Twin Silos Farm, an organic pumpkin, vegetable, fruit, and berry farm, told our group the story of how they came to own the farm and then let us walk among the rows of berries, herbs, vegetables, flowers, and more.  Raspberries straight from the bush?  Yes, please!

The next stop was at Caveny Farm where Bourbon Red turkeys are raised.  After a brief presentation by Mr. Caveny, we were encouraged to explore a bit.  What I noticed first (or maybe second, after the aroma) was the chorus of hundreds of turkeys.  They live in triangular coops that are moved every few days to allow new grass to grow under where they had previously trod.  Oh, and if you've never heard Nathan and Garrett sing "The Turkey Song", you've missed out!

The third and final stop on the tour was at Lieb Farms, which is not far from where we live.  In addition to corn and soybean production, the Liebs raise bison.  We've driven by many times and stopped to watch the bison roam and graze.  This stop was, by far, Garrett's favorite because he got to climb up into several tractors - even a combine!  If you look closely, you can see from his lips that he's making tractor sounds.


After our third stop, we returned to the farm bureau's facility for a luncheon that included products from each of the farms - fresh fruits and vegetables, turkey salad wraps, and bison meatballs, among other delicious creations.  This was a neat alternative to our typical Saturday morning, and we learned a lot about these great farms that I intend to support in the future.  If you're in the Piatt County area, check them out!