August 17, 2011

The 'Parents of the Year' award goes to...

...someone else.

Garrett has had a bit of a cough and some colorful morning snot for a few days.  Since he had bronchiolitis earlier this year - and since I still consider myself a rookie - I took him to Convenient Care yesterday to get him checked out.  He is fine.  (Praise God!)  We opened the windows in our house a few days ago to give our air conditioner and our checking account a break.  Nathan and I had both woken up with raw, sore-ish throats, which we attributed to the change in the air, and thought Garrett was dealing with the same kind o' thing.  Nathan thought, and I agreed, that it would be best for Garrett if we closed his window, turned off his ceiling fan, and put a humidifier in his room, so as I read to Garrett, Nathan filled up the humidifier.  Around 7:30, I said, "Goodnight, Buddy", and closed Garrett's door.

(This is where the 'Parents of the Year' award goes to someone else.)  At precisely 1:54 this morning, I awoke to the cry of our sweet baby.  (That hasn't happened in a while; he's been sleeping through the night for about 3 months.)  I rushed into his room and immediately discovered why he was crying.  In his own way, he was yelling, "It's hotter than h...e...doublehockeysticks in here!!!"  It was like a freakin' sauna in there!

The moral of this story: Babies do NOT like saunas.

Guess I'll start hoping for next year's nomination.

August 8, 2011

Am I ready for this?

The cleanliness of our kitchen floor can now be measured by the cleanliness of Garrett's knees and the tops of his feet.  In other words, HE'S CRAWLING!!!

...and the mop and I have become reacquainted.

(I'll settle on a design for this blog o' mine one of these days.)

August 2, 2011

...but wait! There's more!

Stan must've said somethin' funny.

"These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive."
Four Generations

August 1, 2011

Our Big Trip

Any trip is big when a 10-month-old baby is among the travelers!  Last weekend, Garrett got to meet his great-grandparents, my Grandma & Grandpa Horton, for the first time.  He also got to meet my mom's sister, Aunt Laura, and her husband, Uncle Dave, my cousin, Alice, and her 4-month-old son, Stan, my other cousin, Michael, his wife, Mary, and their 3-year-old daughter, Olivia. 

Our trip began on Friday, July 22nd.  My 11-year-old cousin, Leanna, Garrett, and I traveled to Mom's in Lima, OH.  We had an evening full of yummy homemade nachos and Scrabble Flash. 

Me & Leanna
 On Saturday, the three of us plus Mom traveled to my grandparents' home in Vienna, WV.  (It had been four years - too long - since I'd been there.)  I probably don't have to tell you that their primary focus was on their great-grandsons, Garrett and Stan.  (Stan was meeting his great-grandparents for the first time, too.)  Lots of cameras, lots of baby talk, lots of laughter.  And lots of love.

Garrett really did enjoy himself.  I promise.
 Sunday morning, my cousin, Michael, his wife, Mary, and their daughter, Olivia, came by on their way back to Tennessee from Pennsylvania, so all three of the great-grandchildren were together with Grandma and Grandpa Horton.  Then, Leanna, Garrett, and I went to church with Grandma while Mom stayed at the house with Grandpa.  (He is limited physically these days, but his wit is still as quick as ever, and oh, can he tell a good story!)  About halfway through the sermon, Garrett was becoming rather talkative, so I took him into the 'cry room'.  A few minutes later, another mom came in with her young son.  Eventually, she called her son by his name.  I didn't think I heard her right, so I asked what her son's name was.  It was Garrett, AND his middle initial was W! 

Our visit was brief, but it was one I'll not soon forget.  Among many things, motherhood has taught me a little bit about how to live in the not take a single second for granted.

(Once again, photo credit goes to Mom.  Check out one of her favorites from the weekend here.)