January 22, 2013

I hope I never forget...

...the pure joy I see on Garrett's face when I walk into Ducky Day Care at the end of my work day.
...Garrett's air guitar.  (Picture a 2-year-old holding his right arm straight up into the air while his left hand tickles his right armpit.)
...how much I enjoy rocking and reading to Garrett before putting him in bed.  When I'm done reading, he says, "Sing songs."  His favorite these days is "It's Time To Go To Sleep", sung to the tune of "The Farmer In The Dell".
...that, when he's ready to end a telephone conversation with any of his grandparents, he hugs and kisses the phone.
...the image of my husband running around on a stick horse to amuse Garrett.
...any of the things he does to amuse Garrett, for that matter!
...his current fascination with "The Wizard of Oz".  Every. Single. Day.  He repeatedly asks, "Where's the 'weeitch'?" or "Where's the Wizard 'uh boz'?"
...that, the morning of Christmas, packing peanuts were more entertaining than any of the toys they may have once protected.

...how rich life is.