May 31, 2011

Our Latest DIY Project...Completed!!!

(Disclaimer: No infants were harmed for the sake of the following photographs.)
For the last several months, this is was what anyone entering our laundry room, which is also a bathroom, would see:

Yeah.  Yuck.
Nathan had removed the cabinet doors 'cause someone (who shall remain unnamed) thought she wanted sliding fabric "doors" instead.  Good thing he kept those doors.  This is what you'll see upon entering the same room today:

Nathan spotted this fun fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics in Urbana. 
(What.  Haven't you heard that real men
aren't afraid to be seen in fabric stores?)

Much better!  Don't you agree?  All I did was staple the fabric to the doors.  Nathan did the rest, which involved much more than meets the eye.  He's quite the handy man.

Oh, and no blog post is complete without a little bit of Garrett:

 Hope you're havin' a swell Tuesday!


  1. WOW! That looks fantastic!!! Nice job - to you both! ;-)

  2. I just want to grab those little toes!

  3. Love the decor, by the way... I was distracted by the cuteness of this baby....