March 6, 2014


First bath...first smile...first tooth...first step...first haircut...first word...first trip to the zoo...

The first few years of our lives are full of many, well, "firsts".  Most of them are celebrated in one way or another, privately or publicly.  (We have yet to take Garrett to the ER for the first time, but trust me, there won't be any celebrating going on if that happens.)  Some firsts we have time to prepare for, and others sneak up on us when there's no camera within reach to capture them.

Our children's firsts become somewhat scarce after they've had two or three birthdays.  That doesn't mean there's little to look forward to, however.  While I occasionally find myself wishing my preschooler (What?  When did that happen?!) could be a sack-o'-potatoes-sized baby again, he says something or does something or creates something that brings me right back to this moment, this time in his life that will go by just as quickly as (or quicker than) his first three years have gone.

These thoughts are brought to you by...

...this, Garrett's latest first.

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