November 27, 2012


...for the opportunity to gather with more than twenty members of my extended family in West Virginia last week.

...for time to play at the park on a sunny day in late November.

...for the comfort of crowding said family members into my grandparents' home for fun and food that was created by many hands.

This was actually taken the day before our Thanksgiving meal, but Garrett shared that small table with Grandpa Horton whenever it was time to eat.
...for the foundation that sixty years of marriage between Grandma and Grandpa Horton has created.

...for a blond two-year-old who went with the flow of later-than-normal bedtimes, his first stay in a hotel, and sharing his Papa Mark with Stan.

...for whiskey-glazed carrots.  (Thanks, Alice!)

...for returning home again.

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  1. I LOVE the first picture of Garrett and Nathan!