October 1, 2012

...and just like that... (Version 2.0)

Our household is now occupied by a 2-year-old!

We celebrated Garrett's 2nd birthday last Saturday with a house full (well, not as full as last year) of doting grandparents, aunts, uncles, a cousin, and dogs.  However, our celebration wasn't limited to Saturday.  I picked Garrett up from Ducky a little earlier than usual on Thursday to take him to Dairy Queen for a pre-birthday treat, an M&Ms Blizzard.  (What?  How dare you accuse me of using my precious son's birthday as an excuse to get my DQ fix?)  My mom, a.k.a. "Grandma Friday", a.k.a. Garrett's personal photographer for the weekend, arrived late Thursday evening.  She, The Birthday Boy, and I found some bargains Friday morning at some of Monticello's rummage sales - a $5.00 tricycle, some Elmo slippers that Garrett didn't take off until several hours later, and some other fun stuff.

Friday evening, Nathan and I twisted Mom's arm to stay with Garrett while we went out for dinner at Minneci's to celebrate our 8th anniversary.  (As you might suspect, no real twisting was required.)  If you haven't yet experienced Minneci's, go there this weekend!  Good.  Stuff.  Maynard.

As for Garrett's actual birthday party, no Pinterest-worthy decorations were necessary.  The best decorations were the love and laughter that filled our home for a few hours Saturday evening.  And what kind of mom would I be if I didn't encourage my son to paint his face with blue icing?

Happy birthday, Little Prince!


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  1. Oh my sweet G! How is it possible that you are TWO?!?! Glad the birthday celebrations were a success! I have more clothes for him, so don't let me forget!!