April 17, 2012

Sayonara, Carpet!

Our (well, Nathan's) latest DIY project was a biggie.  With his dad's help, Nathan replaced the carpet in our living and dining rooms with bamboo flooring we purchased at Lumber Liquidators in Champaign.  Here are a few pictures from before the carpet was removed...

...and here are a few (from the same perspectives) from after the bamboo flooring was installed and the furniture was put back in its place...

I wish I knew how many thousands of dollars we've saved over the last eight years by not hiring someone to paint, install flooring, landscape, or do many other things that Nathan has become so good at doing himself.  He gets an idea, gets my approval (Ha!), spends lots of time researching options, finds good deals, and gets the job done.  For that I am grateful!

This project probably took half the time it would have if Garrett and I had been home.  Instead, we spent the Easter weekend with Mom and Mark at their home in Lima, OH.  Garrett was an excellent traveler!  The drive to Mom's takes about 5 hours, and we only stopped once on the way there and once on the way back!  However, I don't think I'll press my luck and plan a 10-hour trip any time soon.  Garrett learned the word "kitty" while we were there and got lots of lovin' from some grandparents who were tickled to have us with them for a few days.  You can read about Mom's perspective on being a grandparent and see some great pictures she took by clicking here.  (See "How to refocus your life....".)

What's your latest DIY project?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. The new floor looks great! I was hoping to see photos...and you must have read my mind.

    As for DIY projects here, most of them will involve paint brushes for me. Mr. Mark probably has some more challenging things to do.

    Love you!