January 23, 2012


We're one for one in Our Dating Game!  (Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out my goals for 2012 here.)

Last Sunday, we left Garrett with Grandpa Mark & Grammy (the Forsyth variety) and met our friends, Jenn & Jamie, at Black Dog Smoke & Ale House in Urbana.  (In November, 2010, Nathan and I went to Black Dog for our first post-partum date, but there were Illinois football and basketball games in C-U that day.  Needless to say, Black Dog was PACKED, and we'd have had to wait for quite a while.  We headed to Outback instead.)  Anyway...the food at Black Dog was delicious DELICIOUS.  If you live in the C-U area and haven't been there, go.  If you've been there, go again.  If you come visit us, beg us to take you there.

Next month's date: All Out A Cappella.  We've already bought our tickets to the Early Show, which, according to Uncle Todd, is for "old codgers".  I'm okay with that.

Any ideas for the remaining 10 months of this year?


  1. how bout a trip to carbondale?

  2. We LOVED our dinner date with you, and need to do it again soon!!!!! Man, I just had lunch and now I'm already hungry! :-)