October 18, 2011


My heart.

His cry at midnight gets me on my feet and at the side of his crib in seconds.  A bad dream?  Teething pain?  I pick him up and gently rock as he lays his head on my shoulder and drifts back to sleep.  My heart breaks as I listen to the multiple sobs that follow his alarming cry...

...and my heart is mended the next morning when I walk into his room and hear him say "Hi?".

The man I've committed my life to.  I take him for granted.  I fail to show him just how much I appreciate him.  My heart breaks when I realize I have let him down...

...and my heart is mended when he puts his own hurt feelings aside, kisses me, and thanks me for all that I do.

God, who breathed life into me.  I disappoint Him, too.  I give in to the temptation to gossip, I forget to be grateful, I deny that I need His grace, His forgiveness, His gift of salvation...

...and my heart is mended when I wake up to a new day that He has stamped "Mercy" on before sending.