July 12, 2011

Tuesdays With Garrett

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work part-time and spend my Mondays and Tuesdays with Garrett.  Most Tuesdays, we meet friends at Nick's Park for a couple of hours, but we stayed home today.  I'm a wimp in this humidity!  Today began, instead, with Garrett throwing up in our bed and then biting my...ahem...flesh when I resumed nursing him.  Thankfully, that sequence of events wasn't an indication of how the rest of the day would turn out.  (And I could tell Garrett was sorry for hurting me.)

This afternoon, I caught up on some reading while Garrett snacked on some Cheerios.

In the January (yes, January) issue of Real Simple, I came across a cool use for an old picture frame: a dry-erase board!  Here are the instructions, straight from the source:

Let's see - you need milk, eggs...and something
to replace the stark white memo board that's
sucking all the style from your otherwise charming
kitchen.  Frame a pretty piece of fabric or paper,
then write temporary to-dos on the glass
with a dry-erase marker.

I love this idea!  There's an empty wall in our kitchen, which, by the way, is not completely 'otherwise charming', that would be the perfect spot for a message center.  Click here to browse more of Real Simple's New Uses For Old Things. 

Oh, and stay tuned to find out how I intend to use some of the baby food jars we've been collecting!

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  1. Ooh, I'm excited to see this project! I have seen something similiar on a blog that I follow. You're so creative!

    Great to see you guys again this weekend... we just love our time together!