October 2, 2011

...and just like that...

...a year went by!

We celebrated Garrett's first birthday with a houseful of people we love yesterday.  (46 people we love, to be exact.)

My friend, Courtney, made Garrett's cake.  Not only did it look fantastic, it tasted fantastic!  Believe it or not, Courtney doesn't make a living baking and decorating cakes, but I think she could!  She enjoys this hobby - even as a mother of three young children - and is a volunteer for Icing Smiles, Inc.  Take a closer look:

(I know, right?)

The favors were made using baby food jars and 1" and 1.25" circles punched out of posterboard.  My original intention was to fill the jars with a mixture of Cheerios, raisins, and plain M&Ms, but Nathan thought it'd be best to "make the kids work for their M&Ms", so we put the M&Ms on the bottom, the raisins in the middle, and the Cheerios on the top.  He's full of brilliant ideas!

It took a bit of encouragement, but Garrett tore into his cake like the best of one-year-olds.  (The only time he fussed during the entire 2-hour party was when I took it away from him.)

Cake, decorations, favors, and gifts aside, this has been such a wonderful weekend.  I told Nathan this evening that I can't imagine life being any better than it is now.  Garrett has brought so much more joy into our lives than I ever imagined.

Thanks to all of you who celebrated with us!

My cup runneth over.

(The credit for these wonderful photographs goes to Mom.  You can see more evidence of her passion and talent by visiting her blog, Learning As I Go.)


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  1. Thank you SO much for letting us share in Garrett's big celebration! You did an amazing job throwing an amazing party!! Love you!